Yesterday Google opened their annual 2-day I/O Conference in San Francisco aimed at developers and Google enthusiasts where they announce their upcoming releases, and there were some really interesting announcements indeed!

As expected, the majority of the conference focused on mobile, and with 80% of all smartphones shipped last year running the Android operating software, it is not really surprising this was the case.

There are lots of elements I could pick up on, but I want to look at just 3 for now.

Android M
Google like to name their operating system releases after food, and this is no exception. Android "M" apparently stands for Macadamia and will bring a number of noticeable changes to it's user base. These include search context around what the user is doing at that precise moment. For example, if you are reading an email about going for a Byron Burger and you hold your finger down on the home screen, it will automatically search for a local Byron Burger restaurant and offer you results including click to call and directions. If you are listening to an artist on Spotify and want to know more about them, hold the button down and ask the question "What other albums have they made" and it will search the artist and display their discography. Very clever stuff!

Android Pay
Well, it's not that surprising that this was released. Using the already ubiquitous NFC capability on Android devices, and pairing this up with the fingerprint recognition technology that manufactures have been embedding since 2011, users will soon be able to make secure payments in over 700,000 stores in the US (no release date for the UK yet!).

And finally…

Project Brillo
The Internet of Things (IoT) conversation is by no means slowing down, and Google know this all too well! Project Brillo is a collaboration between the Nest, Android and Chrome teams to create Weave, which is "the underlying operating system for the internet of things". This will be made available to developers and will help them create a tightly knit network for all connected devices. This means your "smart lock", connected light bulbs, thermostat, and anything else in your internet of things will be able to talk to each other. This will be a very interesting space to watch!

I will keep an eye on the event as it unfolds today and let you know if we see anything else of interest!

Thanks for reading, and please share the link!

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